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Travel is back!

If you haven't planned a trip yet, what are you waiting for? Summer travel is back in full swing! As more and more people in the world become vaccinated and boosted, the severity of Covid symptoms have become mild (for most people). Many European nations now consider the threat of COVID to be similar to that of the flu.

While everyone's level of comfort is different, more and more people are excited to take their first big trip since March 2020! My family and I will be traveling with our friends to Italy this summer and we cannot wait to share our experience with you and hope that our trip will inspire you to travel as well.

Traveling in a pandemic can still be safe. Make sure you follow the minimum health protocols for each place you visit. If you are coming from a place where there are no mask mandates and the place you visit is enforcing the use of masks, please mask up. Masks are no longer required on airplanes, so if your neighbor doesn't mask up, they have every right to refrain from wearing a mask so don't throw a tantrum. Pack some antigen test kits with you and test regularly - I plan on testing every 4 days while in Italy.

What else should you pack? PATIENCE! A lot of it! We are still trying to get back on our feet from the past two years. Many businesses are understaffed and people have dealt with so much pain and loss since 2020. So be patient. You're on vacation!

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